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R85 Turbo Kit


Features of the R85 Turbo Kit:

-Stainless Down pipe
-Stainless Manifold
-Tial 40mm as used on our 769rwhp race car
-Braided oil feed and return lines
-Custom race proven turbo with large shaft
-Inconel wheel to withstand the high heat and abuse of a rotary engine
-O2 bung
-K&N filter included

Why should you consider our turbo kit?

-Our turbos are race proven on the strip, the street AND the dyno
-Quick spool up and high horse power potential with a nice flat torque curve
-We also have a full race version available


Take a look at the 4th gear Dyno sheets and let them speak for themselves...

lowboost.jpg (75863 bytes)

highboost.jpg (86302 bytes)

The Dyno sheets provided here were done on the test version of the kit. The Kit you would be purchasing has some modifications to better suit the general public. None of these adjustments would hurt performance in any way. Dyno sheets of the finialized kit will be posted once the first batch is ready to go out. Expect the same or better results.
Porting, Intake manifold, Fuel deliverly and Tuning play a role in your results. The motor for these pulls used a basic street port. Tuning plays the largest role. Chose your tuner carefuly! See if they have experience on high HP rotary engines (over 750hp). If they don't, you may want to reconsider who is doing the tuning. Tuning is available, you just have to ask for details. Contact either of us at or Dee at

Experienced in tuning Apex PFC, Haltech, and TecIII.


Ready to ship and taking orders.
Price: $3250usd.

Pictures of the Kit:

r85.jpg (299944 bytes)

full Kit.jpg (278432 bytes)

manifold.jpg (257454 bytes)


To order your Kit, Please Email Keith.



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